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Geografía Electoral de Bolivia

Torres: PCB, President 1970

Hugo Banzer: UNP, President 1978

Hernán Siles Zuazo: UDP, President 1978

Victor Paz Estenssoro: MNR, President 1978

Siles: MNRI, President 1979

Jaime Paz Zamora: MIR, Vice President 1979

Luis Ossio: PDC, Vice President 1979

Paz E.: MNR, President 1979

René Bernal: APIN, President 1979

Wálter Guevara: PRA, President 1979

Oscar Zamora: FRI, President 1979

Quiroga Santa Cruz: PS 1, Congress 1979

Santa Cruz: PS-1, President 1978

Lydia Gueiler: MNR-A, interim president

Luciano Tapia: MITKA, 1979

Tapia: MITKA, 1979 and 1980

Guevara: PRA, 1980 President

Bedregal: MNR-U, 1980 President

Roberto Jordán Pando: AFIN-MNR, 1980 President

Luis A Siles: PDC, 1980 President

Paz Z.: UDP, Vice President 1982

Siles: UDP, President 1982

Banzer: AND, President 1985

Paz E.: MNR, President 1985

Paz Z.: MIR, President 1985

Antonio Aranibar: FPU, President 1985

Carlos Serrate: MNR-V, President 1985

Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada: MNR, Municipal 1987

Sánchez de Lozada: MNR, President 1989

Banzer: ADN, President 1989

Paz Z: MIR, President 1989

Roger Cortez: PS-1, President 1989

Cárdenas: MRTKL, 1989 President

Flores: FULKA President 1989

Carlos Palenque: CONDEPA, President 1989

Sanchez de Lozada: MNR, President 1993

Banzer: AND, President 1993

Palenque: CONDEPA, President 1993

Max Fernández: UCS, President 1993

Aranibar: MBL, President 1993

Juan Carlos Durán: MNR, President 1997

Banzer: ADN, President 1997

Paz Z: MIR, President 1997

Ivo Kuljs: UCS, President 1997

Remedios Loza: CONDEPA, President 1997

Alejandro Véliz: IU, President 1997

Marcos Domic: IU, Vice President 1997

Evo Morales: IU, President 1997

Ramiro Velasco: IU, President 1989

Jose M Palacios: PS, Vice President

Marcial Fabricano: MBL, Vice President

Dates Unclear:

Jose M.: PS-1, Vice President

Filemón Escobar: MRTKL, Vice President

Paz Z.: MIR, President

Johnny Fernández: UCS, Municipal Santa Cruz

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